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IRB No. 16-055-2 (Dr. David Steffens, PI): Department of Psychiatry: Adult Repository
The purpose of the repository is to prospectively collect biological samples along with clinical data to facilitate future research studies and pilot analysis related to medical and behavioral health research.
IRB No. 22-255-2 (Dr. Zhichao Fan, PI): Mechanisms and Roles of Integrin Activation of Cystic Fibrosis Leukocytes
The immune system is the body';s defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. Integrins are key mediators in immunity for the recruitment of white cells which play critical roles in inflammatory diseases. Insights about Integrin function hold out the prospect of improved disease prevention and drug discovery. Integrin molecules stick to body surfaces or cells. They are vital to the successful functioning of the inflammatory response at the source of an insult. In response to inflammation or infection, white cells stick to nearby blood vessels and then crawl along the surface until they can squeeze out of the blood vessel into tissues where they must act. Studying and super imaging these mechanisms and the roles of integrin during this activation will bring new insights about leukocyte recruitment and leukocyte immune functions as well as invite discovery of novel treatments for infectious and inflammatory diseases. This project is investigating how integrins may also affect blood vessels as commonly seen in human heart disease.
IRB No. 23-134-2 (Dr. Julie Robison, PI): UConn Pepper Center (OAIC) Recruitment Volunteer Registry
Objective/Goals: The Research Volunteer Registry (RVR) is a mailing list that is used to invite and share opportunities to participate in future research studies and to community educational events the UConn Pepper Center will host.