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IRB No. 21-070J-1 (Dr. George Kuchel, PI): Dynamic assessment of immune system in COVID-19 patients: Flu Vaccine Pilot Study 1
This prospective, single-site pilot study is designed to determine the feasibility to recruit and enroll COVID-19 convalescent adults into a study that will assess immunity changes associated with aging. To complete a 12 subject pilot study with the following aims: To establish feasibility of conducting a larger trial with the enrollment of COVID-19 convalescent adults, we will enroll 6 older (65 years and older) and 6 young (25-50 years) adults that have recovered from COVID-19. To gather preliminary data on epigenomic signatures of responsiveness to the seasonal influenza vaccine in adults recovered from COVID-19. To gather preliminary data on microbiome signatures of COVID-19 sequelae. The objective of this project is to systematically identify the most relevant factors that are associated with the prolonged effects of COVID-19 on immunity by applying a systems immunology approach that incorporates high-resolution immunologic assays with state-of-the-art genomic, proteomic, metabolomic assays. Major questions we will address include: i) which immune cell types and gene expression programs are remodeled with COVID-19 in the long term?; ii) do these immune alterations associate with changes in vaccine responsiveness?; iii) do COVID-19 sequelae differ between older and younger adults, and between men and women?; iv) are there multi-omics biomarkers of reduced immunity due to COVID-19? To answer these questions, we will establish a longitudinal cohort of young (25-50 yrs old) and older adults (≥65 yrs) who recovered from COVID-19 and we will characterize their immune systems in detail under baseline and upon influenza vaccination.