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Factors Influencing Fatigue in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Breast Irradiation
Clinical Trial ( IRB ) #: 13-087-3
Title: Factors Influencing Fatigue in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Breast Irradiation
Principal Investigator: Dr. Susan Tannenbaum
Description: Fatigue is one of the most commonly experienced side effects in people undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer. Fatigue can interfere with patients’ ability to engage in cancer treatment and also significantly affect the quality of life. We do not know if you will develop fatigue during radiation treatment. Additionally, the appropriate treatment of patients who develop radiation therapy induced fatigue is challenging due to lack of effective treatment strategies. This study will aim to determine the association of various physical, psychological as well as immunologic factors with the development of fatigue in women undergoing radiation therapy. This could help us identify patients who are at risk of developing fatigue during radiation therapy.
  Cancer - Breast
  Cancer - General
  Psychiatry - General Adult/Mental Health (Depression, Anxiety, Etc.)
Eligibility Criteria: Inclusion Criteria: 1. Patients diagnosed with breast cancer (invasive or DCIS) requiring breast conservation surgery and referred for radiation therapy for completion of loco-regional control 2. Treatment plan includes whole breast radiation with or without the lymph node irradiation as well as partial breast irradiation (PBI). Exclusion Criteria 1. Collagen Vascular disease (SLE, Scleroderma, Dermatomyositis). 2. Prior chest or breast radiotherapy on affected side. 3. Prior non-breast malignancy with active treatment (Radiation or Chemotherapy) within 1 year of enrolment on the study.
How to Contact: Please contact Meg Toro at 860.679.4871 or mtoro@uchc.edu.