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Clinical Trial Details
Dutasteride Treatment for the Reduction of Heavy Drinking
Clinical Trial ( IRB ) #: 13-056-2
Title: Dutasteride Treatment for the Reduction of Heavy Drinking
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jonathan Covault
Description: This study will use a 12-week randomized, placebo controlled clinical design to examine the safety and efficacy of dutasteride treatment (1mg daily) combined with medical management to help reduce or stop drinking among a sample of 160 men with hazardous levels of alcohol use. Other aims are: to examine the durability of effects of dutasteride treatment on drinking and heavy drinking during a six-month post-treatment follow-up; to examine whether treatment response is moderated by a common genetic variation, H5Q, in the neuroactive steroid biosynthetic enzyme 3a-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase gene AKR1C3 that has been associated with alcohol dependence; and to examine the potential effects of dutasteride on the relations among daily mood and daily events on drinking and heavy drinking, and the potential effects of dutasteride on daily reports of alcohol subjective effects to identify potential intermediate effects of dutasteride on treatment outcomes.
  Addiction/Substance Abuse
Eligibility Criteria: Check with study contact
How to Contact: Michelle Slivinsky. Telephone: (860) 679-2587. Email: slivinsky@uchc.edu
Enrollment Status/Comments: Enrolling/recruiting. For current recruitment status, please check with study contact.
Web Address: clinicaltrials.gov/show/NCT01758523