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Clinical Trial Details
Physical Functioning and Mental Health in Older Prisoners
Clinical Trial ( IRB ) #: 12-107-2
Title: Physical Functioning and Mental Health in Older Prisoners
Principal Investigator: Dr. Lisa Barry
Description: This cross-sectional study with associated chart review proposes to develop enhanced understanding of selected risk factors related to prison-based suicide. It will specifically assess functional disability (e.g., compromise in activities of daily living (ADL) in relation to prison activities of daily living (PADL)) as factors associated with suicidal ideation in older prisoners. The research is designed to enhance earlier identification of older prisoners who are experiencing suicidal ideation so as to effectively intervene at a less severe stage.
  Mental Health (Depression, Anxiety, Etc.)
  Psychiatry - Geriatric/Older Adults
Eligibility Criteria: Incarceration in a Connecticut prison is required for participation in this study.
How to Contact: Not available. Telephone: Not available. Email: Not available
Enrollment Status/Comments: No recruiting from the general public.