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Clinical Trial Details
A SMART design for Attendance-Based Prize CM
Clinical Trial ( IRB ) #: 09-053-2
Title: A SMART design for Attendance-Based Prize CM
Principal Investigator: Dr. Nancy Petry
Description: This is a sequential, randomized study that will provide important information about the efficacy of attendance-based contingency management (CM), parameters of CM that impact efficacy, and novel adoptions of CM that may be readily implemented by community-based treatment providers to improve retention and enhance drug abstinence. Cocaine abusing or dependent patients (N=360) beginning intensive outpatient day treatment at four community-based clinics will be randomized to standard, outpatient substance abuse treatment services or to standard treatment plus CM for 6 weeks. At week 6, all participants will be compensated for attending a follow-up evaluation and re-randomized to after care, either standard care or standard care plus CM for weeks 7 – 12. At baseline and week 6, randomization will be stratified based upon clinic and urine toxicology results, and at week 6 continued engagement in outpatient treatment (or not) will be an additional stratification variable. Follow-up evaluations will be completed at weeks 12, 24 and 36 to assess objective and self-reported instances of substance use, psychosocial problems and HIV risk behavior.
  Addiction/Substance Abuse
Eligibility Criteria: Enrollment closed.
How to Contact: Ellen Ciesielski. Telephone: (860) 679-4556. Email: eciesielski@uchc.edu
Enrollment Status/Comments: Enrollment closed.