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Clinical Trial Details
Osteoporosis and bone augmentation/implant outcomes: An observational study
Clinical Trial ( IRB ) #: 07-016-1
Title: Osteoporosis and bone augmentation/implant outcomes: An observational study
Principal Investigator: Dr. Martin Freilich
Description: The objective of this study is to utilize a clinical study model to collect descriptive data needed to support the development of future studies that will test the association between specific measures of bone health and the successful integration of new bone from bone augmentation procedures. Postmenopausal women with a wide range of bone health and reduced jaw bone thickness will receive bone augmentation therapy followed by implant and restoration placement, with the specific treatment based upon best clinical judgment. Throughout initial diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, blood makrers will be drawn to assess bone health and its possible association with treatment outcomes. Outcomes will be based upon clinical and radiographic examination, bone health markers and patient interviews.
  Dental, Including Mouth
  Muscle, Bone and Cartilage
Eligibility Criteria: Check with study contact
How to Contact: Megyn Clement. Telephone: 860-679-4995. Email: mclement@uchc.edu
Enrollment Status/Comments: Closed to enrollment. Please check back soon for more dental studies!