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Clinical Trial Details
Apathy and Reward Systems in Alzheimer's Disease
Clinical Trial ( IRB ) #: 19-214-1
Title: Apathy and Reward Systems in Alzheimer's Disease
Principal Investigator: Dr. David Steffens
Description: Apathy is a common feature of Alzheimer's disease (AD) that is related to functional decline, but its underlying neurobiology is poorly understood. In this application, we propose to use functional magnetic imaging and tasks that focus on the brain's reward system to examine apathy in AD and in late-life depression. Our aim is to identify new targets for intervention to improve apathy in patients with AD.
  Alzheimer’s Disease
  Psychiatry - Geriatric/Older Adults
Eligibility Criteria: Check with study contact
How to Contact: Jennifer Brindisi. Telephone: (860) 679-7581. Email: brindisi@uchc.edu
Enrollment Status/Comments: Enrolling/recruiting. For current recruitment status, please check with study contact.