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Clinical Trial Details
The Airway Inflammatory Profile of E-Cigarette Users
Clinical Trial ( IRB ) #: 17-045-2
Title: The Airway Inflammatory Profile of E-Cigarette Users
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mario Perez
Description: Study objective: The research study is about how the human body, particularly the airways, react to the regular use of e-cigarettes. The purpose is to show that regular use of e-cigarettes can be associated with airway inflammation in the sputum of regular users of e-cig. We intend to study if the regular use of e-cig, in a simliar way to conventional cigarettes, can trigger an inflammatory response in the airways. Hypotheses: 1. subjects who use e-cigarettes have evidence of airway inflammation when compared to healthy non-smoker subjects 2. Subjects who smoke regular tobacco cigarettes have evidence of more airway inflammation than e-cigarette users. 3. Subjects who use e-cigs with flavoring, e.g. chocolate, or regular cigarettes with flavoring (e.g. menthol) will have more airway inflammation than e-cig and regular cigarette users who don't use flavored products, e.g. menthol. Aims: 1. We plan to characterize airway inflammation profile in e-cig users compared to healthy non-smokers 2. We plan to characterize the airway inlfammatory profile of tobacco cigarette smokers compared to e-cig users. 3. We plan to characterize the effect of menthol in e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes on the airway inflammatory profile.
  Breathing and Lung
Eligibility Criteria: Check with study contact
How to Contact: Telephone: (860) 679-3445. Email: Thomas Kiely. Tel 860-679-1707. Email: kiely@uchc.edu