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Clinical Trial Details
The Menthol Research Study – Manipulating Tobacco Constituents in Female Menthol Smokers
Clinical Trial ( IRB ) #: DORN004127
Title: The Menthol Research Study – Manipulating Tobacco Constituents in Female Menthol Smokers
Principal Investigator: Dr. Cheryl Oncken
Description: The FDA could reduce the amount of nicotine in cigarettes, or ban menthol from cigarettes. Investigators from Hartford Hospital and the University of Connecticut Health Center are examining the effect of switching to low nicotine or menthol cigarettes on smoking behavior. This study will look at: 1. How reducing nicotine and or menthol in cigarettes can affect the appeal of smoking & quit rates. 2. The amount of toxicant exposure a woman gets from cigarettes. 3. The ways in which cigarette content changes may decrease smoking behavior. 4. How genetic variations in a taste & smell sensitivity may effect tolerability of experimental cigarettes, smoking satisfaction, and smoking behavior. Study Involvement Requires switching to one of the following types of cigarettes for 6 weeks: 1) Low nicotine + NO menthol 2) Low nicotine + menthol 3) Regular nicotine cigarettes + NO menthol 4) Your own brand of nicotine + menthol All participants attend 11 study visits. Participants may receive: *Study cigarettes x 6 weeks *$20 per study visit.
Eligibility Criteria: Women who are 18 - 45 years old and have been smoking at least 5 menthol cigarettes daily for the last year may be eligible to participate.
How to Contact: Sheila Thurlow, MSN, 860-679-4637. Email: thurlow@uchc.edu or Brianna Liquori, 860-972-2399. Email: Brianna.Liquori@hhchealth.org
Enrollment Status/Comments: Enrolling/recruiting. For current recruitment status, please check with study contact.
Web Address: clinicaltrials.gov/show/NCT02048852