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IRB No. 16-003-1 (Dr. Bruce Liang, PI): A Pilot on Biobank UConn - the one thousand genotype-phenotype study
This pilot project, named Biobank UConn, aims to establish a de-identified biobank similar to initiatives carried out at other academic medical centers. The research goal of this pilot proposal is to test the feasibility of the overall project by collecting one thousand samples. The project will initially be launched in the Cardiology/Hypertension (HTN) clinic, and then expanded to include Center on Aging and Neurology clinics at UConn Health. Once the feasibility of the project is established, Biobank UConn will eventually be a de-identified biobank and medical record database resource for personalized medicine and pharmacogenetic discovery. The main elements of the Biobank UConn program aim to: (1) collect discarded blood from patients who consent to opt in to having their left-over blood taken for de-identified DNA; (2) isolate and store DNA for whole genome sequencing (WGS); (3) simultaneously establish a phenotype database based on a one-way de-identification from electronic medical records with validation of methodology and with cooperation from clinical operations. We envision that future use the combined genotype-phenotype data will enable whole genome sequencing (WGS) techniques to discover new or extend existing knowledge of genetic variants that contribute to diseases or drug responsiveness.