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IRB No. 15-067-6 (Dr. Golda Ginsburg, PI): Enhancing the Capacity of School Nurses to Reduce Anxiety in Children (CALM)
Childhood anxiety is pervasive (affecting up to 20% of youth) and associated with adverse academic, social, and other long-term consequences. These devastating outcomes can be averted by enhancing children’s access to mental health services. Expanding the network of mental health providers to include nurses represents an important- and innovative- step in disseminating evidence-based interventions for improving academic outcomes of children. Given that children with early anxiety symptoms frequently visit the school nurse due to physical symptoms or to avoid anxiety-provoking situations, school nurses are often the first point of contact and are, therefore, well-positioned to identify and intervene early with these children. The primary aim of this study is to enhance the capacity of school nurses by developing and refining a novel nurse-administered intervention (CALM; Child Anxiety Learning Modules) designed to reduce anxiety symptoms and improve academic, social, and behavioral functioning and to assess its feasibility, fidelity, and promise in a school setting. The end product of this project will be a fully developed intervention with evidence of feasibility in the school setting and pilot data to support the intervention’s promise in reducing anxiety and improving academic functioning. If succcessful, a larger randomized controlled trial to fully evaluate the interventions efficacy will be conducted.