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Clinical Trials: Cancer - Head and Neck, Including Mouth
IRB No. 11-191-1 (Dr. Rajesh Lalla, PI): Quality Assessment of Pre-Radiation Dental Management in Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Oral Medicine Quality Assurance Study
IRB No. 14-179-1 (Dr. Rajesh Lalla, PI): Oral Microbiome in Head and Neck Cancer Patients
This research study is about the community of germs that live in the mouth (the oral microbiome) and its relationship to oral complications of radiation therapy such as dryness, mouth sores, tooth loss, cavities, gum disease or poor healing of bone. The purpose of this study is to look at changes in the oral microbiome from before radiation therapy until 18 months after radiation therapy to see if certain characteristics of the oral microbiome relate to mouth problems that may occur after radiation therapy. An optional sub-study is about future genetic testing of saliva samples to look for genes that may affect the risk of oral complications of radiation therapy..