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Clinical Trials: Blood - Leukemia
IRB No. 01-127H-2 (Dr. Kazuya Machida, PI): Signalosome-oriented Phosphotyrosine Profiling of B-cell Malignancies
Study description not available
IRB No. 23-193J-1 (Dr. Eric Wang, PI): Healthy Control Blood Collection to Investigate Mechanisms of Leukemogenesis and Therapy Resistance
Specific Aim To collect fresh healthy human blood for use in developing and optimizing co-culture assays with human malignant cell lines upon genetic and pharmacologic perturbation of gene candidates identified for therapy resistance. In addition, we will use healthy donor specimens to perform high-throughput genomic analyses compared to our human leukemia cell lines and use the leftover specimens as healthy controls for future research projects. Design and Outcomes This is a prospective, single-site study that will collect human blood specimens (50ml) from healthy adult participants Sample Size, Population, Interventions and Duration In this study, up to 20 healthy men and women participants, ages 18 and older will be enrolled at the UConn Health Clinical Research Center in Farmington, CT. Study participation will involve consent followed by a single visit lasting 30 minutes for blood and data collection.