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Clinical Trials: Blood - Hemophilia, Bleeding Disorders, Platelet Abnormalities
IRB No. 23-179-1 (Dr. Andrea Shields, PI): Xenobiotic transfer of Tranexamic acid (TXA) using an ex vivo placental perfusion model: a pilot study
To our knowledge, there are no studies that have researched if tranexamic acid (TXA) has an effect on the placenta, or if there is considerable transfer of the drug from maternal to fetal circulation. We propose studying the transfer of the drug on a single placental lobule of 7 placentas. We hypothesize that given the large molecular composition of tranexamic acid there will be minimal transfer of the drug in the ex-vivo placental perfusion model, thus providing safety data on the administration of tranexamic acid for therapeutic indications especially during pregnancy. The specific aims are: 1) To set up and troubleshoot the placental perfusion model using 3-5 placental lobules 2) To measure and compare the levels of therapeutic tranexamic acid in the maternal versus fetal perfusate collected from an ex-vivo placental perfusion model.